1. Before receiving goods:

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The client is entitled to refuse to receive the goods and refuse payment when the delivery agent incorrectly delivered the product in the order or found the defective product.

2. After receiving goods:

– Customers to change, pay with the purchase invoice with the product to be exchanged.

– Goods are changed due to fault from customers, when customers do not intend to buy anymore, the goods must be raw packaging, the quality of goods also guaranteed, the appearance of goods is not different from the same type of goods. In this case, the customer will be exchanged for another commodity valued at or above the goods customers want to redeem. The customer is responsible for compensating the difference if the product wants to redeem more value.

– Goods are changed due to the fault of the store (the store sells expired products) or the fault from the supplier (the goods inside the packaging does not guarantee the quality), then the customer will be exchanged for the equivalent of the same type.

– Goods are only refunded in case the goods are defective by the store or the fault from the supplier and there are no equivalent goods of the same type to change at the time of the customer to change.

3. Contact for return:

– Customers bring products with purchase invoice with products arriving at the store address printed on the bill to be settled the return.

– In case of other complaints, please contact the hotline: 096 991 7777 for best support.