The collection serves cargo transportation to all provincial areas in the whole territory of Vietnam. Our policy is very coherable, clear, specific. When buying goods, you should note the following terms:

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All Customers who buy products at the porch have the need for direct delivery at home.


2.1. Free Shipping: Free delivery within the district of Ho Chi Minh City – applies to orders valued at 500,000 or more

2.2 . Delivery charged: In addition to the free delivery above case, the remaining cases will be charged for delivery in accordance with carrier charges of the 3rd carrier or according to the collectionfee table. This fee will be collected by the notice and confirmed by you before you proceed with your Payment and collect the shipment.


Delivery time will be between 1-7 days depending on the shipping distance. In some cases the collection of the goods may be delivered delays due to force majeure conditions such as bad weather, unfavorable traffic conditions, vehicle failures on the delivery line, malfunction during the shipment process. During the waiting period, you have any questions about shipping information please contact the hotline of the collection to get help.


The transfer service of the collection or The specified collection will be responsible for goods and risks such as loss or damage of goods during shipment from our warehouse to the customer.

You are responsible for checking the goods upon receipt of goods. When detecting damaged goods, scratches, broken tanks, distortions, or wrongdoing goods, you sign the status of goods with the delivery staff and promptly notify the Customer Care Department in the hotline number of the collection

After you have signed up for the goods without any notes or comments about the goods. The collection is not responsible for the requirements of return for damages, abrasions, broken tanks, distortion, false commodities,… From you later.

If the transportation service is specified by you and selected, you will be responsible for goods and risks such as loss or damage of goods during the transportation of goods from the collection to the customer. The customer will be responsible for the cost and related losses.


Free shipping policy does not apply to products purchased in the Gold hour promotion, price shock….. Or in the liquidity of semi-processed goods. The cost of roads, fees to the village or the parking fee at the apartment are self-paid. Collect only delivery for the right recipient that customers have registered when making a purchase. During the delivery process if there is a change in the receiver in an unclear way, the collection reserves the right to refuse delivery and ask you to collect goods at the venue Of the collection.

If the delivery address is not clear, located in the alley, or in hazardous places, the dangerous hilly areas, transportation difficulties, the collection has the right to refuse carriage, direct delivery of goods.

In case of force majeure, due to natural disasters, floods, ferries, failures…, The collection is not responsible for compensation for damages arising from improper delivery of the goods or the non-carriage of goods to the venue as agreed with the customer.

Case The collection shipped the goods to the delivery location such as the deal at the purchase, but for some reason the customer requested a return of the goods at which time the customer had to bear the shipping cost according to the prescribed rate of Collection.

For heavy and bulky products need to be transported to the floor without elevator recommend customers to assist in the delivery.

During special days or festival days due to limited general transportation policies (prohibition of roads for some vehicles…) The delivery time may change, The collection will call the customer to unified delivery time.